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"GINTARELE" (Little Amber)

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33 min. (NTSC)

This fabulous 'special effects' musical adventure story for children and adults alike will leave you viewing it again and again!

Based on a classical folk tale, a beautiful girl 'GINTARELE' is abducted by a Undersea Prince and taken to his exotic undersea castle, a world full of performing characters and strange sights. Together with a Golden Fish, Gintarele plots her escape from this world and hopes to be re-united with her grieving parents who long for her at the shore of the sea.

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With magical special underwater sets and effects, outdoor locations and wonderful costumes, this musical drama presents the latest fantasy adventure from SPINDULYS!

All songs and dialog are in Lithuanian.

Photos from the making of Gintarele


Mes Dainuojame

47 min.(NTSC) -- featuring 18 Lithuanian songs.

This is a fantasy musical extravaganza for children,  featuring 18 Lithuanian folk songs which are interwoven into a children's story of magical forest, big bad wolf, and a bird wedding! Here you will find a host of fascinating characters and settings.  With wonderful special effects, numerous outdoor locations and wonderful costumes. This sing-a-long features various traditional folk tunes woven into a brother's and sister's 'adventures in a world of fantasy'.

A one-of-a-kind classic for children of all ages!

All songs and dialog are in Lithuanian.

STORY BOOK FOR KIDS: Photos and Storytelling



10 min. (NTSC)

A mother tells her children a story of 'the rose who learned a valuable lesson' in a garden beauty pageant.  And not just 'any garden', but one populated by living flowers, butterflies, and a host of singing, dancing Lithuanian 'munchkins'! Featuring the song "Pavasaris"! (Springtime)

With all dialogue and songs in Lithuanian, this visually spectacular tape is bound to captivate the young and old alike.

Photos and Information


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17 min. (NTSC)

This fun video features out-takes, wrecked scenes, and just plain mistakes from the filming of Mes Dainuojame. With a collection of crazy moments narrated with humor by Victor Ralys (who did the music for Mes Dainuojame and with editing and special by Aloyzas Razutis (the Director of Mes Dainuojame) these BLOOPERS! takes on a wild ride with the footage that never made it to the final version of of the film.

More than a collection of 'out-takes', BLOOPERS! is a complete and fascinating video narrative with all kinds of 'creative license' - aimed at more 'mature' kid audiences.

If you have "MES DAINUOJAME", you'll love this behind-the-scenes companion piece! 

More Bloopers Photos and Information


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We trace the life and works of Ona Razutiene a Lithuanian teacher and immigrant to the U.S. who brought folk dance and folk song to the new country and established the folk dance and song grouop SPINDULYS. The dances and performances of SPINDULYS dance group today have their roots in Lithuania's low lands ('Zemaitija') and folk dances originating in that tradition. This book traces the roots of this tradition and is a collector's key to Lithuanian-American culture.

This well-researched book by Valerija Baltusiene contains numerous  illustrations, with text in Lithuanian,  and is 326 pages. 

Drawing on extensive archives, this volume traces the history of Lithuanian imigrant arrivals in Los Angeles, and the establishing of cultural activities in education and folk-dance.   With careful and extensive presentation of historical details, this book provides a wellspring of knowlege as to the spirited dedication of Ona Razutiene in creating the folk-dance groups in Los Angeles which ultimately grew to become SPINDULYSi.

Illustrated with 326 pages

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