50th Anniversary Program Gallery

Video Clips of 1999 Paladium Event with Sound

Compiled by A. Razutis

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50th Anniversary Entrance with Spindulys
.WMV Video - 17 sec., 780 K
MPEG-1 Video - 17 sec., 1.4 mB
.AVI Video - 17 sec., 3.4 mB
Subatele - Saturday Night
.WMV Video - 24 sec., 1 mB
MPEG-1 Video - 24 sec., 1.9 mB
.AVI Video - 24 sec., 4.7 mB
Blezdingele - women's dance
.WMV Video - 18 sec., 800 K
MPEG-1 Video - 18 sec., 1.4 mB
.AVI Video - 18 sec., 3.5 mB


Gailingis - by Grandis group from Chicago
.WMV Video - 24 sec., 1 mB
MPEG-1 Video - 24 sec., 1.8 mB
.AVI Video - 24 sec., 4.6 mB
Zalnieriukas - by Gintaras group from Toronto
.WMV Video - 19 sec., 900 K
MPEG-1 Video - 19 sec., 1.5 mB
.AVI Video - 19 sec., 3.8 mB
Malunas - the 'Windmill' Dance with  all groups participating
.WMV Video - 29 sec., 1.2 mB
MPEG-1 Video - 29 sec., 2.2 mB
.AVI Video - 29 sec., 5.7 mB
Video Clips extracted from material by Paulius Jasiukonis

Live Event Video Installation Credits:

Event Artistic Director: Danguole R. Varnas
Technical - Artistic Director: Aloyzas Razutis,
Historical Archive Footage: Paulius Jasiukonis,
Live-Action Videographers: Kestas Kazlauskas, Robert Kazlauskas, Vytas Barauskas
Intermission Graphics Program: Linas Polikaitis, Leonas Vaitaitis
Projection Set Construction: Vytas Vilimas, Fred Unterseher
Switching Assistant: Claudia Sumner,
Archival Footage edited by: Aloyzas Razutis
at Claudia Sumner Productions
Further editing facilities provided by Vytas Barauskas

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