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SPINDULYS - ray of the sun

We are Los Angeles LB SPINDULYS, a multi-generation and internationally-recognized Lithuanian folk-dance ensemble and we are rich in both history and activities, performing programs of Lithuanian folk songs and dances to audiences world wide.

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LB SPINDULYS is more than a dance group. We sing and dance, perform, create children's music videos, have published a book, traveled world-wide, and our activities span six decades!

It was founded in 1949 in Los Angeles by Ona Razutiene who had previously taught folk songs and dances in Lithuania while continuing a career in teaching before the second World War.

This group was later expanded and Directed by her daughter Danguole Razutyte Varniene, encouraged, supported, and involving generations of parents, children, and parisioners and administrators of Lietuviu Bendruomin, Lietuviu Sestadienine Mokykla, and St. Casimir's Parish of Los Angeles, the 'Spindulys' the sunshine shines forth!

Our History in Photos, videos, archives

2018 History page in Lithuanian and in English - pdf file

For a summarized history of 'Spindulys' from its origins in 1949 to the present see our downloadable PDF History Page with text in Lithuanian and in English.

For photos and updates on our activities in 2018 and before, including those going back decades visit the News Page and follow the links!

For videos and more photos of earlier events visit the Performance media archives.

Spindulys Film and Video Archives on DVD'S!

The LB SPINDULYS Film and Video/Audio ARCHIVE Project represents the collected films and videos from the Paulius Jasiukonis Estate left to us for the enjoyment of posterity. Paul Jasiukonis documented numerous performances and events for the Lithuanian Community, and his Los Angeles SPINDULYS documentaries and photos have now been digitized in video and audio files.

SPINDULYS continues this rich history and archive, and relies on donors and friends for its ongoing preservation and availability to the general public upon special request. It is also available to further edited publications, viewing and studies by academics, historians, and future generations.For information how you can support, utilize, and continue this project email Danguole Razutyte Varniene directly.

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Lithuanian children's musical videos and DVD and other exciting products are available
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Our Store has children's musical DVDs and a historical book on Spinduys

Remembering Our Roots and Historical Backgrounds in a wonderful Book

Ona Razutiene ir Danguole Razutyte - Varnas - LINK to ONA RAZUTIENE KNYGA (BOOK)

SPINDULY is under the direction of Danguole R. Varnas.  and its origins are traced to 1949 and to Ona Razutiene, a Lithuanian school teacher immigrant, who founded this first Lithuanian folk song and dance group in Los Angeles.  This original group continued to thrive and grow, and in 1977 was re-named 'SPINDULYS'. The complete history is available (in Lithuanian) as a Historical Book (In Lithuanian Only).

Additional historical photos, videos and being collected in the current Film Archive Project.

In the past decades, SPINDULYS has distinguished itself in numerous performances at local and international song and folk dance festivals around the world.

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