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Founded in 1949, Los Angeles LB SPINDULYS is a folk dance group and performs songs, plays, creates children's music videos, hosts special events, has published a book, and travels to present Lithuanian folk culture to audiences world-wide. The Director of LB Spindulys is Danguole Razutyte-Varniene. Contact us with your inquiries and participation.

Spindulys In the News and the World

Spindulys News and Archives

SPINDULYS is regularly featured in Lihtuanian News, including 'Draugas' our National newspaper, and appears in newspapers and television in Lithuania! Explore our rich history in photos, videos, and news clippings at SPINDULYS NEWS.

Performances and Exotic Locations

SPINDULYS performance archives of photos and videos from around the world

SPINDULYS performs in Los Angeles and world-wide. Our journeys have taken us to Folk Dance Festivals, to Japan, Australia, Europe, and Lithuania. View photos galleries (large screens) or view our video collection of performance samplers.

Unique Children's Music Videos

Spindulys Classics contain Mes Dainuojame, Gintarele, Parasaris and Bloopers!

Our children's musical videos (all in Lithuanian) are a wonderful world for children ages 2 to 10, though fascinating for adults too! Sing along to the many songs and dances of fantasy characters. These videos are classics, educational for kids, and will be memorable as they grow up. Available only on DVD and directly from SPINDULYS.

Share Our Culture with Gifts

Our publication and children's videos are gifts to our next generations. Read the origins of our group our book on Ona Razutiene (in Lithuanian language) the group's founder which traces our roots back to the cultural beginnings of folk dance in Lithuania. Our children's musical videos are both great for kids learning Lithuanian language, its songs and its dances. Together they make a perfect gift to share for young and old alike.

Preserving Our History in Sound and Image

Valio Jaunystei and other Paulius Jasiukonis Audio and Video Archives at Spindulys

The LB SPINDULYS Film and Video/Audio ARCHIVE Project representis the collected films and videos from the Paulius Jasiukonis Estate left to us for the enjoyment of posterity. Paul Jasiukonis documented numerous performances and events for the Lithuanian Community, and his Los Angeles SPINDULYS documentaries and photos have now been digitized in video and audio files. We welcome your support and contributions and express gratitude to previous benefactors. The history continues with your support. Contact Daguole R. Varnas at spindulys@aol.com to see how you can support and preserve this cultural treasure.


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